Construction and Engineering

  • The construction and operation of electricity generating plants
  • Construction / Erection All Risks claims
  • Delayed Delivery / Start-up
  • Loss of Profits
  • Machinery Breakdown and associated Loss of Profits

Industrial Processes


  • Hydroelectric: Pelton, Kaplan and Francis Turbines
  • Natural Gas: Combined Cycles, Gas turbine-compressor groups.
  • Thermal: Coal-fired power stations
  • Wind: Aero-generators
  • Thermal Solar: Solar Plants

Electricity Transmission

  • Step-up, transmission and distribution sub-stations both in the open and cooled by sulphur hexafluoride.
  • Aerial and subterranean high and medium tension transmission lines
  • Electricity distribution networks


  • Steel furnace gas cogeneration plants
  • Organic waste cogeneration plants


  • Regasification plants (Marine Terminals)
  • Primary and Secondary Distribution Networks

Mineral extraction and primary processing

  • Open- cast mining
  • Coal and other mineral mining

Cement plants

  • Cement Plants and their derivatives

Iron and Steel Plants

  • Steel Production Plants
  • Casting
  • Thermal Treatment Plants

Manufacturing, Transformation and Assembly

  • Foodstuff bottling and canning plants
  • Passenger train wagon assembly plants
  • Wood and foodstuffs drying plants
  • Vehicle assembly plants

Third Party Liability

  • Product removal following a manufacturing failure
  • Product removal due to an error in design

Jewellers and Fine Arts

  • Raids and robberies on premises
  • The robbery of samples
  • Robberies from armoured cars
  • Disappearance or damage in transit, at exhibitions, etc.
  • Employee Infidelity


  • Concerts: Indoors and in the Open Air
  • Theatrical performances
  • Sporting competitions and activitie
  • Weather Day
  • Film making and advertising shoots
  • Over Redemption
  • Contractual bonuses
  • Personal Accident